The 5 Perks of Using a Log Splitter

About to make a new, wooden shelter or a playhouse for your dog? Get a log splitter today and make them happen!

It’s easy to use


Log splitters don’t require a lot of practice before you get the hang of it. They cut logs quickly and easily without hassle. Besides, since most of the splitters today come with horizontal and vertical design, they become much comfortable to operate.

It saves your time


A log splitter will only require you to cut wood once. However, the amount of time you save is based on the type of splitter you own. Gas or electric powered log splitters save more time than manual ones. These powered splitters allow you to chop wood just by pulling a lever or pressing a button, making it less taxing on your part. In addition, the wedge goes quicker than it does on a manual one, minimizing the amount of cutting time. This way, you’ll get to start with your project ASAP, and your dog can enjoy the result sooner!

It’s less messy

Compared to a work area that used a chainsaw to cut wood, your workstation will be neater when you use a log splitter. This is because the latter doesn’t generate numerous wood chips, sawdust, and other debris when cutting logs. “Using a chainsaw is messy, but using a log splitter isn’t.” You’ll be surprised by how true that statement is.

It’s environment-friendly

Manual log splitters are environment-friendly too because they don’t generate chemicals or fumes because they’re not driven by fuel.

On the other hand, if you have a gas-powered one, you still shouldn’t worry. They may produce some fumes, but the fumes have a smaller impact on the environment compared to when you use the same type of fuel to warm up your entire home when you use your fireplace.

It requires little to no maintenance


The most appreciated advantage about log splitters is their maintenance. All you have to do is oil them frequently so that they can efficiently perform their jobs. But that’s it! Compared to other splitting tools like an axe, it’s easier to maintain because you won’t need to sharpen anything regularly.

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