Blue tilt bird and dog

3 Effective Ways to Introduce Your Dog to Your New Pet Bird

Did you enjoy the last Birding season with your spotting scope and decided you want a bird for a pet? That’s great news! But what will happen if you already own a dog? Don’t worry; there’s a solution for everything.

Follow these methods, and you’ll see them become the best of friends after a while!

Put a leash on your dog and cage your bird.

Don’t allow them to be loose! The bird should be secured inside his or her cage at all times during the introduction stage. It might take a couple of weeks, so confine your bird for that long. If you don’t restrain your dog or your bird, you’re just obviously waiting for a disaster to happen. Wait for them to become comfortable with each other before liberating them from the cage and the leash.

Select a neutral place.

I’m talking about a location where both animals aren’t familiar with. If your dog’s territory is your backyard, then it’s not a good idea to introduce your new pet there. That’s because your dog might feel uncomfortable, thinking that another animal is trying to conquer his or her territory. It’s best to let them meet in a neutral spot. This will lessen aggressive behavior from both animals, especially from your dog.

Blue tilt bird and dog

Bribe them with food.

If you noticed that they aren’t as wild to each other as they were the first time they met, reward them with food. If there’s a single thing they have in common, it’s their love for food. If you give them their favorite, tasty treats while you’re doing some introductions, they’ll get used to each other. Later on, even if you have no food to offer, they’ll still be kind. This tip is one effective way to allow both pets to get along, but I have a warning for you: Make sure you have a lot of treats before you attempt to do this method.

Blue tilt bird and dog


Introduce them to each other slowly. Your dog might bark at the bird in the beginning, but that’s normal. Slowly bring them closer to each other after a few weeks. Don’t rush things unless you want accidents to happen!

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